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Mentor Program

The mentoring program at Long Neck Elementary School is a program of Connecting Generations created by Creative Mentoring ® and is one in a coalition of mentoring programs under the Delaware Mentoring council.

The Creative Mentoring ® program defines mentoring as a relationship over time between and older or more experienced person and a younger or less experienced person in which the former makes a commitment to help the later work toward reaching a goal or realizing his potential.
Our program at Long Neck Elementary School is a one-to-one relationship of consistent contact between and adult volunteer and a child.  the relationship sets out to build the child's self-esteem, teach life skills, and to encourage the avoidance of negative behavior, so that the child grows into a productive adult.  the key to each mentoring relationship is that the mentor is supportive of the child's efforts and helps them to reach their potential.  The mentee's parent/guardian and the mentor sign a commitment for the current school year to met once a week for approximately one hour during school hours.

Our goal is to provide a caring, responsible adult mentor to every child who needs one. If you are interested in becoming a mentor, contact Mrs. Hoffman at

Mrs. Annette Hoffman
Mentor Coordinator

Delaware Mentoring Council

Creative Mentoring