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Address/Bus Change Form

Bus/Address Change Information
This form is designed to maintain the safety and security of your child. A handwritten note will never
be accepted in place of this form due to security concerns.

  • All bus changes will take effect in 48 hours.
  • If your child goes to a daycare or place other than your home address, you must provide the
    name of the person /daycare, their complete physical address and phone number.
  • Bus Stop Location(s) Requested: Please Note: Students are allowed one stop location for pickup and one stop location for drop-off, these locations may be different. Students are not
    allowed to have multiple pick-up locations and/or drop-off locations.
  • Transportation cannot accommodate intermittent or every other day requests.

**Any home address changes must be accompanied by a new proof of residency. This may include:
Utility Bill (with name and service address), current rental/lease agreement or mortgage

Bus Change Form