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Please read the important information about our upcoming referendum!!

A Vote FOR the Referendum is a Vote FOR our Children

  • Indian River School District (IRSD) is growing at 3-4 percent annually
    • IRSD is one of the two fastest growing districts in the state
    • Student enrollment now totals 10,467
  • IRSD is seeking a property tax increase to fund:
    • Student enrollment growth
    • Student safety
    • Student services and support
  • If passed, the average property owner would see an increase of approximately $95 per year
    • That is $8 per month
    • Or, 26 cents per day 
  • IRSD currently has the lowest tax rate in the county (2.578 per $100 of assessed value) and, if passed, WILL STILL HAVE the lowest tax rate in the county (3.068 per $100 of assessed value)
  • If it fails to pass, there will be:
    • Cuts in school safety programs
    • Larger class sizes
    • Further budget cuts
    • Inadequate instructional supplies and materials
    • Loss of 150 District jobs including:
      • 90 Classroom Teachers
      • 20 Paraprofessionals
      • 12 Food Service
      • 10 Custodians
      • 7.5 Secretaries
  • Please vote FOR the increased funding on March 2 and vote FOR the future of our children!!


Here’s your Long Neck Elementary School update for this week:

Congratulations to Annette Hoffman, a Para Professional who was voted as our Employee of the Month for January.  As you can see she is enjoying her new parking spot accompanied by a beautiful trophy.  Keep in mind VOTING FOR THE REFERENDUM so we can keep staff like her with this great school district.



We are very excited to announce our School Info, this app will allow you to keep up with of our latest news. information and announcements.  Click the image below for instructions how to download the app for you mobile device!



Long Neck students and their families "Rocked the Trot!!"

We would like to send thanks to all of those who sent in can goods!  We raised over 3000 cans that will be distributed across our community to help those in need.  Pictures of our students participating in the Trot are below, more will come soon. 

turkey joe

Congratulations to Mrs. Dellinger’s second grade class on winning the first annual Turkey Trot Food Drive with 269 cans donated!  Mr. Costello presented the trophy to the class that helped bring the grand total of cans to 3,010  for the overall donation to multiple community locations.

2nd winners

tt 1

tt 2


Long Neck Elementary School Fire Prevention Activities:

      We would like to thank the Indian River Volunteer Fire Department for spending their time with our students!

     2nd grade students- spent time discussing the importance of fire prevention, as well as experimenting with an actual fire hose.

2nd 1

2nd 2


District Headlines
Corrective measures implemented
Funding sought for school safety, enrollment growth
February 15, 16, 23 and 27
1,681 additional students since 2010
Armed monitors in place at every district school
Passage of referendum is critical
Eligible for overall state award
February 28 from 6:00-8:30 p.m.